The Executive Board of Stichting Bulamu

The executive board of Stichting Bulamu consistrs of 3 members:

  • Jolanda Nieuwenkamp - President / secretary
  • René Nieuwenkamp - Treasurer
  • Bryan Nieuwenkamp - general board member


Stichting Bulamu is using ambassadors in the Netherlands for specific projects

  • Tetta Stortelder - One Love Troupe
  • Koen Kroon - Help the Future Organisation
  • Femke van Dijk - Makerere West Valley Primary School
  • Judith Gunter - Administration and Privacy officer

Stichting Bulamu Ug Ltd makes use of ambassadors in Uganda for specific tasks

  • Moses Mugalasi - 1st contact / conferences / Hands of Love / Feed My Lambs Uganda
  • Happy John - registration / jurisdiction, laws and regulation officer
  • Irene Alaso - Beth Elisha & Makerere West Valley Primary School contact / bookkeeping
  • John Aita - Help the future organisation coordinator / bookkeeping

Remuneration policy

Stichting Bulamu does not pay for activities of board members. Gifts and sponsorship is used for dedicated goals and projects. Common gifts, as well of 10% of all dedicated gifts are used for administration. Expenses of board members in Uganda will be paid by private gifts from these members, supplemented with specific donations, to be decided by the board.

Ugandan ambassadors will be compensated for transport costs, incidental meals and periodic life allowances

Financial transactions

Projects are paid for in Uganda to support local craftmanship and local coordinators. Transactions take place via Western Union and Bank accounts.

Stichting Bulamu NL / Stichting Bulamu Ug Ltd - update 14-07-2018


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