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Stichting Bulamu Timeline

Jolanda Nieuwenkamp traveled to Uganda in 2009, her first time to visit our sponsor children. Uganda remained as a surrealistic dream, resulting in a second sponsor trip in April 2010 and a third trip together with husband René and child Bryan in august 2010.

In 2010 we decided to focus on Uganda by founding a foundation called Stichting Bulamu (the foundation for life). After more than five years of existence, we look back to many projects that were effectuated in many trips from Europe to Africa



  • Jolanda Nieuwenkamp first visit to Uganda


  • René and Bryan Nieuwenkamp join, first ideas for building a foundation (Stichting)
  • Oktober - Stichting Bulamu registered and confirmed by Dutch Government
  • First (sponsored) website


  • Our first trips concentrate around Bombo road - Bulamu Childrens' Village
  • Project Beth Elisha, our first childs house is started
  • Isaiah is being helped with goat milk sponsored by Vitals
  • We support and pay for conferences in Jinja and Hoima
  • First christmas party in the slums of Makerere
  • At Bulamu Children's Village we donate in multiple small scale projects
    • building a pigsty and donating food
    • transporting "Sojoiners" choir to a radio performance
    • refrigerators, gas stoves and gas in the houses of the aunties


  • Makerere West Valley Primary School children find 25 sponsors
  • Beth Elisha is moved to Matuga
  • Collegues, churches and schools help us in helping hands and money
  • At Bulamu Childrens' Village books, fishing and gardening utensils are sponsored
  • Shamim finds a living at BCV
  • Pastor Moses Mugalasi visits the Netherlands for a 3 months stay
  • We finish a house in Kawala to help the owner and save money on rent


  • Intensified fieldwork during a 7 months "sabattical"
  • Fundamentals training at Wakiso area with Feed My Lambs staff
  • Multople micro finances for children leaving Bulamu Childrens' Village
  • Jawii, John, Simon, Happy, Rembo, Jane, Godfrey and many others are being sponsored for 4 years by now
  • Bryan, Robin, Maryke, Veronica, Jan, Christine, Walter and Koos visit us in Uganda
  • Beth Elisha is moved twice again, a blessing for new landlords to finish their houses in exchange for rent
  • The christmas party exceeds 400 children
  • Larger areas of Uganda are being visited for the first time now
    • Bwanga, the roots of "auntie" Beatrice of Beth Elisha
    • Jinja, keeping a conference at lake victoria
    • Grace conferences as well at Nakasongola and Kyabukyimbi
    • Chicken and goat projects at Fort Portal


  • In januari we empty our appartment, a blessing for others to receive our furniture
  • We decide to move the Xmas party into a newyear 2015 party
  • Pastor Moses breaks his leg, the headmaster gets a brain attack, 3 laptops, 2 telephones and all our data is stolen
  • Our first HIV sponsor child receives the message that all blood values improved
  • Bryan joins the board after retirement of Erik


  • 5 years Stichting Bulamu - our first brandnew 5 years vision is born


  • Governmental regulations are being changed, we are able to be contingent
  • We start up sponsoring the mission and marriage of pastor Mugalasi


  • 7 Years Stichting
  • Moses and Irene marrie, we join, together with many friends


  • We visit the promised land, examinating the land of Andrew 
  • Registration of Stichting Bulamu in Uganda as NGO
  • Koen joins as ambassador for HTFO, a new safehouse for streetkids
  • Femke starts as ambassador for Bulamu
  • John Aita pops up as our brand new contactsperson, by now especially for payments to HTFO
  • Orange Corners, Genuine and MrKawa are brainstorming projects for 2018 - 2027 with fresh ideas

 2018 - 2027

  • Planning towards:
    • NGO registration
    • Buying and cultivating land for offices, houses, investments and grace and coffee corners
    • Creating contracts for our local staff Beatrice Mukisa, John Aita, John Ntabaazi, Moses & Irene Mugalasi
    • Building a conference center, staff offices and houses
    • Starting up contacts and ideas with local ambassees, farmers and governments
    • Starting of coffee corners as local offices and meeting places
    • Finishing secondary school for all Beth Elisha children
    • Including foreign NGO activities into our profiles (networking
De Tijdlijn van Stichting Bulamu  - update 15-07-2018
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