Nakasongola - 14 Juli 2013

Conference in Nakasongola, down the villages of Uganda.

No electricity, fetching water from nearby rivers ditches, sleeping on wood and waking up at 5 a.m. from young children and old women preparing food for tonight.
At night I watch the village waking up again. The sun goes down as Nakasongola awakes again. I'm sitting on a couch in the shade of our house watching boda's with enlightened wheels and wood fires in front of small huts gifing light to the night. 
This is Africa, a special experience where black meets white for the first time in life. Eating Katogo with beans, kasave and matoke with brown water tea; enjoying a wonderful weekend with Rembo Francis, Moses Mugalasi and George Okutta

Our house

The hous of the reverants' friens is arranged for our team.

Our church

Church is ready, including a huge sound system.

Our square

African life runs outside.

In church

Rembo and Margreet watch from outside


My favorite moment, receiving 2 eggs as "tights"

Back home

Pastor behind the wheel.

Buvuma Islands

Lake Victoria - February 2012

3 Day conference @ Buvuma Islands in Lake Victoria

When we understood well, we were ones of little white people visiting these Islands
In 2012 Stichting Bulamu supports a Belgium / Dutch team lead by Fernando Pauwels.

A beautiful experience with Ronald Rugasira, Moses Mugalasi and Rembo Francis

Buvuma Islands

In Februari 2012 we support a conference at Buvuma.

3 day conference

Two hours boat trip under the burning sun.

Lake Victoria

Left Jinja with a beautiful mixed team from Belgium.

February 2012

With Rembo we discover Uganda "back in time"

Interesting event

First contacts with Pr. Ronald Rubasira

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