Beth Elisha

Safehouse in Matuga

Beth Elisha Children Thank you

Beth Elisha is a safehouse, raising 8 girls and 1 boy.  "Auntie" Beatrice Mukisa is responsible and takes care of the children

Beth Elisha means, translated from Hebrew, the house protected by God

Starting 2011, the children went to school for the very first time in their life. At the moment that Stichting Bulamu found the children, the were living in a tiny house (16 square meters) with 12 individuals; no money for rent, food and water. Individual and organized sponsoring and donation of cloths and utensils improved the situation and led to multiple moves in and around Matuga. Food, medication and education are secured.

  Beatrice   Becky   Alex   Tendo   Mercy  
    Becky   Alex Nkwagala   Tendo Ruth   Mercy  
   Harriet    Margret   Tracy   Annet   Ssanyu  
   Harriet    Margret    Tracy    Annet    Ssanyu  




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